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Current Minutes Managed for Tronictel's Customers : 96.9 million minutes

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Phone service and billing complaints soar
  November 4, 2011 - CBC News on Yahoo

Where do your tax dollars go? - $ 75 million for cell phones
  March 28, 2011 - le Journal de Montréal by Mathieu Turbide

Wireless communication: prices in free fall
  November 7, 2009 - La Presse (Montréal) by Maxime Bergeron

Tronictel Solutions has given us a better understanding of what our employees actually need from month to month in terms of usage instead of having everyone on the same plan and wasting money. 
Ezzie Schaffran, Vice-President Risk Management,
We've spent countless hours on the phone with our provider trying to correct mistakes and unwanted charges. With Tronictel and their support staff being accessible whenever we need them, we no longer have to take time out of our day to handle these issues. 
George Curti, Vice-President,
CMRSUMMIT Technologies
We have been with our service provider forever. Until Tronictel came along we thought we were getting the best deal around. After signing a contract with Tronictel they have saved our company 46% per month for the last 12 months. – thank you guys! 
Patrick Filice, President,
Total Cold Storage Inc.

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