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Current Minutes Managed for Tronictel's Customers : 97.9 million minutes

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does TRONICTEL bill for its services?
A: Your company pays nothing until our consultants successfully deliver savings. The consultation with one of our industry experts, in which we analyze your cell phone usage and pricing, is completely free. Then we get to work and negotiate a significant reduction in prices on your behalf. Our fee is a percentage of your savings.
Q: How does TRONICTEL get our company the best deal?
A: Our consultants analyze your needs and your plan and find out where potential savings can be found. Then they use their industry experience, insights, and contacts to negotiate with the service provider. They know their particular market and how to leverage the best prices possible.
Q: What is the minimum cell phone cost for using TRONICTELís services?
A: There is no minimum. We negotiate savings for your company regardless of the current cost of your mobile phone usage for your mobile users. Whatever the current bill, our guarantee is to shrink it down to size.
Q: How long until our company starts saving money?
A: TRONICTEL will reduce your cellular costs within 30 days.
Q: How can our company measure the effectiveness of TRONICTELís services?
A: Our consultants provide every customer a clear and detailed report, which includes information about what you paid before and after TRONICTELís intervention on your behalf.
Q: Will our company have to change service provider?
A: No. We customize your mobile phone plans with a minimum of hassle, so no switch of service provider is required unless specifically requested.

Tronictelís customer service has been extremely honest, informative and precise in their goal to reducing our mobile service charges, we are very satisfied with their professionalism and expertise. 
Dominic Keyserlingk,
Ville Marie Medical Centre
My BlackBerry is an important tool for me in my business. Tronictel helped me save from month to month without compromising my service. Thanks guys 
Robert Campana, President,
Our cell phone cost is something we donít have to worry about anymore. Tronictel reviews our bill every month and ensures we are continuously saving. If ever there are any irregularities with our bill, they make us aware and make certain that all charges are justified. 
Paul Malizia, Systems Administrator,
Rosmar Litho Inc.

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