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Current Minutes Managed for Tronictel's Customers : 97.9 million minutes


At TRONICTEL, we pride ourselves on making every customer service experience an exceptional one. Our consultants are industry experts who are always professional and friendly.

If you have a question about our service, check the Frequently Asked Questions, where we have addressed the issues which customers most often ask about. If you have any further questions, simply fill out the form below and a TRONICTEL consultant will contact you within 24 business hours.

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Corporate consultants can be contacted using mail, email, phone or fax:
2927 de la Concorde boulevard east
Suite 209
Laval, QC H7E 2B5

To Contact the Sales & Marketing Department

Sales Manager: Jason Girosan
Account Manager: Jim Peter Safar
Account Manager: Despina (Daisy) Giagkos
Account Manager: Adam Bachar
Account Manager: Julian Girosan

To Contact the Customer Service Department
Customer Support Agent: Stephanie Curti

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